From Manhattan to Marrakech

From Manhattan to Marrakech

Travelling does not end when you leave the North Station.

On one side you land in Manhattan, a neighbourhood of straight avenues lined with glass and steel skyscrapers and modern sculptures. This town district was razed to the ground in the sixties and became an emblematic symbol of the excesses of town planning aimed at promoting the use of private cars.
On the other side, you dive into the colorful atmosphere of the souks of Marrakech, the noisy crowd of buyers, the exoticism of the gleaming bazaars. In the middle of all this, you discover gardens, astonishing oases of greenery and peace ...

Two worlds side by side.If you like contrasts, this tour is for you.

On foot
Departure: Dans la Gare du Nord, devant les grandes fenêtres à droite du Starbucks Café
Arrival: Métro Botanique

Dimanche 29/09/2019 — 14:30 — Français

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Tour: From Manhattan to Marrakech

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