Delicious end-of-year traditions…

Delicious end-of-year traditions…

From St Catherine’s day to Epiphany, there is a succession of warm and convivial feast days that help us to forget the winter gloom. 

These feast days now mark out the Christian calendar, but often they pre-date Christianity and remind us of our links with nature and the seasons. They are special times when family traditions are passed on, and they change and develop over the years, like their associated customs and performances. 

If you’d like to find out more about the reasons behind these feast days and their history, and to understand their associated symbols, such as the pink marzipan piglet or the gingerbread “PèreFouettard” (St Nicholas’s companion who whips naughty children) or the Yule log… and, of course, to taste some delicacies … then join us for a merry walk through the magnificently decorated city, decked out in all its finery !

Zu Fuss
Abfahrt: Rendez-vous à 14h30 à l’entrée de l’église Saint Nicolas, rue au Beurre (Grand Place)
Ankunft: Grand Place

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