About reeds and châteaux...

About reeds and châteaux...

The Woluwe is the last remaining uncovered river in Brussels, and this stroll along its valley, complete with marshes, iris flowers and windmills reminds us of the city’s rural origins.

The tour starts at the former Val Duchesse priory (where preparatory negotiations for the Treaty of Rome were held) and takes us past the Chapel of “Our Lady of the Poor”, a mediaeval place of pilgrimage, along prestigious avenues laid out in the late nineteenth century and in the 1960s, past places steeped in history, including the Château Waucquez, the Melaerts ponds, the Parmentier park, the Blaton estate, the Louis Solvay park and the Château Malou, whilst not forgetting more modern attractions such as the Woluwe Shopping Centre and the new Wolubilis Arts Centre. The tour ends with well-deserved refreshments on the terrace of the traditional “In den Kwak” café.

On foot
Departure: Musée du Tram (av. de Tervueren 364b - 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre), coin rue de Leybeek - Trams 8, 39 et 44
Arrival: Centre culturel Wolubilis
2:30 to 3:00

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