Terms of sales

Terms & conditions


Bookings for services, as well as the practical details and pricing of services, are confirmed by e-mail. Our invoice, sent by e-mail before delivery of the services (unless otherwise agreed), will reconfirm the details of service and serves as a confirmation of the order. Invoices will not be sent by mail unless this has been explicitly agreed with the client on confirmation and before the delivery of services. 

Changes to bookings

Services are determined and prices established according to the number of participants identified at the moment of booking. If this number should change, Bruxelles Bavard and its partners cannot guarantee either the planning or the price discussed. The pricing may be revised, upwards or downwards, according to the new circumstances.  

Bruxelles Bavard asbl will do its best to take into account changes requested by the client, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet the new needs. Any request for changes received less than 7 calendar days before the date of delivery of services will incur a processing charge of 25€ for each change and potential additional charges from our delivery partners (unless otherwise agreed). 

Payment terms

a/ Unless mentioned otherwise in the invoice, our bills are to be paid by bank transfer no later than 10 days prior to the date the services are rendered. All bank charges are paid by the client. 

b/ In case of late payment, the following penalties apply :  a flat 10% of the invoice with a minimum charge of 40 €, plus interest at the rate of 1% per month applicable from the first day after the payment deadline. 

Supplementary fees

In the event that the guide(s) or coach(es) are required for a longer period than that stipulated in the contract, supplementary fees will be calculated for each additional half-hour or part thereof. 

Cancellation costs

a/ General conditions

In case of cancellation

  • Between 10 days and 48 hours, the cancellation fee amounts to 50% of the total bill
  • Less than 48 hours: 100 % of the total bill 

b/ Special conditions

For some services implying time-consuming preparation or the reservation, at our risk, of restaurants or pubs (e.g. our « beer tasting » or « walking dinner » programmes), special cancellation conditions may apply. 

Circumstances beyond our control

Bruxelles Bavard asbl cannot be held liable in the event of strikes or civil commotion of whatever nature or exceptional climatic conditions. The occurrence of circumstances beyond our control has the effect of suspending the association's contractual obligations.


Any litigation related to the services or interpretation of the contractual terms defined by this document shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Commerce de Bruxelles (Brussels trade court).